Rubber Mallet



Rubber Mallet

Picard Rubber Mallet has a black rubber head, one flat face, one bowed face, and an ash-tree handle.

Included in the ten piece bumping tool set.

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Picard Tools have been on the market since 1857 and this stands for 150 years of specialising in hammer manufacturing. Innovation, experience and craftsmanship of our staff carry the success of the company. We have always kept pace with new developments and adapted to new processes: improved steel, more effective possibilities of manufacturing and precise control processes have continuously improved the manufacturing.

And that’s how we make our top quality products. Today we produce in 4th generation tools which satisfy the high demands of the professional user. Customer satisfaction is therefore our most important objective.

Additional information

Weight0.480 kg
Dimensions25 × 15 × 10 cm

Can take up to 4 weeks

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