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Sheet Metal Tools


Anvil for Bearing Iron, 156b

Anvil for Bearing Iron, 156c

Aquiline Stake 153

Ball Face Hatchet Stake

Bordering Stake

Bottom Swage

Bowed Stake 149 1/2

Flat Stake

Forging Iron Assortment

Fretting Anvil

Hatchet Stake

High Bowed Stake

Hook Socket

Oval Hatchet Stake

Pipe Anvil

Round Socket

Silversmith Anvil

Socket, rectangular 148

Square Anvil

Straight Hatchet Stake

Tasso, Rectangular Face 164

Tasso, Square Face 164a

Tinkers’ Anvil 140a

Tinkers’ Anvil 140b

Tinkers’ Anvil 140c

Tinkers’ Anvil 140d

Tinsmith’s Anvil

Tinsmiths’ Anvil

Tinsmiths’ Anvil 131

Tinsmiths’ Anvil, 128a

Tinsmiths’ Moulding Anvil 134

Tinsmiths’ Moulding Anvil 135

Watchmakers’ Anvil 202 1/2

Watchmakers’ Anvil, chromed 202


Clamps for Remaining Rolls

Coil Trolley K1-AG

Decoiling and Cross Cut Attachment

DRÄCO Mobile Decoiler K1-CW/AQ

Flexible Belt with velcro

Mobile Decoiler K1-CW

Mobile Decoiler K1-CW/AQ/LSE/S

Slitter Attachment K1-LSE

Trolley and Sheet Metal Roll Holder


Cordless Wuko Clipper 1020

MASC Channel Carrier Groove Cutter

MASC Eave Cutter

Wuko Clipper 1020

Wuko Cutter 1070

Wuko Rotary Sheet Metal Shears 1010


Bottom Swage

Combination Roller Moulder

Corner Roofing Seamer

Double Lock Seaming Tool

Double Lock Seaming Tool 2

Double Roofing Seamer

Double Seaming Iron

Drip Edge Bender

Drip Edge Bender 2

Drip Edge Seamer

Drip Edge Seamer 2

Lock’n’Roller 1040

MASC Combi Rollformer 2

MASC Falzbandboy

MASC Plastic Fold Chisel

MASC Round Dormer Edge Closer

Picard Corner Seaming Iron

Picard Double Seaming Iron

Picard Seaming Iron 163

Picard Seaming Iron 163 1/2

Roofing Seamer

Round Roofing Seamer

Seaming Board

Seaming Iron, Curved

Seaming Iron, Large

Seaming Iron, Small

Seaming Piece

Set for chased work

Single Lock Seamer

Single Lock Seamer 2

Single Roofing Seamer

Single Seamer

Squeezing Folding Plier

White Seaming Piece

Wuko Master Roof Panel Machine 0420

Wuko Pittsburgh Seam Closer 1004

Wuko Roof Profiling Machine 1008

Wuko Roof Seaming Machine 1006

Wuko Sprinter 0410


Dip Insulated Sheet Metal Vice Grip

Large Roofing Tong

Large Roofing Tong, Curved

MASC Corner Vice Grip Wrench

MASC Curved Grip Wrench

MASC Profile Vice Grip Wrench

Spring Roofing Tong


Ball Peen Hammer

Carpenter’s Hammer with leather grip

Chasing Hammer

Cross Peen Hammer

Double Headed Planishing Hammer

Double Headed Planishing Hammer 2

English Pattern Cross Peen Hammer

Grooving Hammer

MASC Recoilless Folding Hammer

MASC Soft Face Plastic Hammer

MASC Special Folding Hammer

Non-rebound Hammer

Non-rebound Hammer TS

Nylon Hammer

Planishing and Grooving Hammer

Planishing Hammer

Round Planishing Hammer

Seaming Hammer

Silversmith Chasing Hammer

Special Grooving Hammer

Watchmakers’ Hammer


Angled Corner Seaming Pliers

Angled Piccolo Seaming Pliers

Asymmetrical Pincers

Box Joint Flat Nose Pliers

Box Joint Flat Nose Pliers 2

Box Joint Round Nose Pliers

Concrete Pliers

Corner Seaming Pliers

Double Seaming Pliers

Eaves Gutter Pliers

Eaves Gutter Pliers 2


Flat Nose Lap Joint Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Gutter Pliers

Heavy-Duty Pincers

Lap Joint Round Nose Pliers

MASC Bending Pliers

MASC Hem Closing Pliers

MASC Press Pincer

MASC Punch Pincers

Plastic Jaw Seaming Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Round Seaming Pliers

Seam Opening Pliers

Seaming Pliers with box joint

Seaming Pliers with Box Joint 2

Seaming Pliers with Box Joint 3

Seaming Pliers with Lap Joint

Short Round Nose Pliers

Special Seaming Pliers

Stainless Steal Seaming Pliers

Straight Corner Seaming Pliers

Straight Piccolo Seaming Pliers

Straight Seaming Pliers

STUBAI Angled Seaming Pliers

Stubai Angled Seaming Pliers

Stubai Bevelled Seaming Pliers

Stubai Pincers

Stubai Seaming Plier

STUBAI Seaming Plier NIRO

STUBAI Seaming Plier R8, KTL, PVC

STUBAI Seaming Pliers

Stubai Seaming Pliers with radius 12

STUBAI Universal Tinsmiths Pliers

Tinsmith’s Box Joint Seaming Pliers

Tinsmith’s Box Joint Seaming Pliers 2

Tinsmith’s Lap Joint Seaming Pliers

Tinsmith’s Round Nose Pliers

Tinsmith’s Seaming Pliers

Wire Stretching Pliers



Disc-Bender and Disc-Bender Combo

EcO-Bender 3

EcO-Bender 3/200 and Disc-Bender SET

Flange and Curve Bender

Flange- and Curve Bender 2

Mini-Bender and Duo-Mini-Bender

Rol-Bender Multi-Bender 200


Perfect Bender Disc Roller S

Perfect Bender Disc Roller XL

Perfect Bender L-250

Perfect Bender L-350

Perfect Bender S-100

Perfect Bender S-150

Perfect Bender XL – 150

Perfect Bender XL – 250

Perfect Bender XL – 350

Perfect Bender XL-100

Perfect Bender XL-60


Duo Bender 3200

Mini Bender 2030

Original Uni Bender 2200

Uni Bender II, 2202

Wuko Combo Bender 5000

Wuko Disc-O-Bender 4000

Wuko Disc-O-Bender Twist

Wuko Duo and Disc-O-Bender Set

Wuko Duo Bender

Wuko Duo Bender Accessories

Wuko Micro Disc-O-Bender

Wuko Mini Bender Set

Wuko Mini Bender Set 2

Wuko Mini Bender, 2050

Wuko Mini Disc-O-Bender 4010

Wuko Uni and Duo Bender Set

Wuko Uni and Mini Disc-O-Bender Set

Wuko Uni and Mini Disc-O-Bender Set 2

Wuko Uni Bender 2350

Wuko Uni Bender II 2352


Action Snip Replacement Screws

Aviation Tin Snips

Bavarian Style Pelican Snips

Bavarian Style Pelican Snips 2

Circle Snips

Circle Tin Snip, Right

Combination Tin Snips with finger guard

Compound Action Snip

Curved Tin Snips

Erdi Ideal Snip

Erdi Ideal Snip 2

Erdi Ideal Snip 3

Goldworker Snips

Ideal Snips

Ideal Snips Pairs

Ideal Snips, left

Ideal Snips, right

Ideal Tin Snip Left

Ideal Tin Snip Right

Lyoner Pattern Tin Snips

Niro Ideal Snips

Niro Ideal Snips

Niro Ideal Snips Left

Pelican Pattern Snip

Pelikan Compound Action Snips

Punch Tin Snip Right

Punch Tin Snip, Left

Punch Tin Snips

Replacement Screws

Springs for Tin Snips

STUBAI Combination Tin Snips

STUBAI Figure Tin Snips

Stubai Ideal Snips

Stubai Ideal Snips 2

Stubai Ideal Snips 3

Vienna Pattern Tin Snips


Dinosaurier Shrinking and Stretching Pliers

Shrinker / Stretcher 70 mm Professional 2

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